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Bodensee-Benelux-Cooperation (BBCplus)

Like the name says: Since DNK worked for decades with Austria and Switzerland in the “Bodensee-Kooperation”, the circle enlarged in 1998, adding the youth councils of Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Flanders. The “plus” refers to the British and Irish youth council, who joined this regional cooperation in 2003. Sadly the Flemish youth council left the cooperation in 2007. In their place the Slovakian youth council entered the BBCplus group.

Besides the exchange of opinions and experience on national projects, the cooperation takes together a stand in higher bodies like the European youth forum. Usually the youth representatives hold two joint events per year. The presidency changes twice a year.


European Youth Forum

DNK is a founding member of the European Youth Forum, which began its work on the first January 1997. Before this, the representation of youth interests on a European level was divided amongst the Council of European National Youth Committees (CENYC), the European office of coordination of International Youth, European Co-ordination Bureau of international non-governmental youth organisations (ECB), and the Youth Forum of European Communities (YFEC).

Pioneer in European matters

At its founding in 1978 the youth forum only represented the national youth councils of the twelve EU member states. By now it consists of 100 national youth councils and international organisations from all over the continent and brings together more than 10 million young people.

The Aim of the European Youth Forum is to bring attention to the position of young people in Europe by its co-operations with the European Union, Council of Europe and the UN-organisation. It stands up for active participation of young people in shaping Europe and for an improvement in their living conditions. Also it supports the work of its member organisations.

The tasks of the European Youth Forum:

  • Consultation partner for international institutions on topics relevant to youth Supports the integration of youth political topics in everyday politics
  • Influencing the work of international organisations in the youth field
  • Supporting the participation of youngsters and their organisations in decision making processes on the political level
  • Supporting mutual understanding, equal treatment, democracy, respect, active citizenship and solidarity
  • Supporting and coordinating the work of its member organisationsn

Further information and contact: www.youthforum.org